Audio Visual Team

The Audio Visual Team serves the congregation by running the A/V equipment around the church.  Most significantly, we have a two-camera system in the sanctuary with two 98″ monitors.  We have the capability to LIVE stream, as well as record services and events.

We also have equipment in the Gathering Area, Chapel, Fellowship Hall, Library, and on rolling carts that can be used anywhere.

In the Sanctuary, each Sunday a team of two members runs the equipment.  One job is very easy and involves following along with the service and switching the slides (visuals) that are seen in the Sanctuary and on the LIVE stream.  The second job is a little more involved and has the person switching cameras and microphones using an iPad.  Both jobs are important and necessary for each service.

If you are interested in volunteering, we’d love your help!  No experience is necessary. We will start you out with the easier of the two jobs, and you can work your way up to training on the iPad, if you are interested and feel confident.  If not, switching slides is just as important and necessary. There is no pressure to learn both positions.

A/V Manual