Faith Formation Committee

The Family and Youth Education Committee is assigned the responsibilities for:

  1. Overseeing the planning of the congregation education ministry program for all ages. This program includes: Sunday school, youth groups, Catechism, intergenerational programs, and additional educational opportunities as they are developed;
  2. Recruiting and instructing students, teachers, advisors, and mentors;
  3. Researching, acquiring and maintaining the appropriate theological curriculum and associated materials and supplies;
  4. Providing regular educational leadership opportunities for teachers, advisors, mentors, and other educational leaders;
  5. Providing opportunities for adult and youth education, i.e., Bible classes, retreats, discussion groups, adult forums, and special interest groups;
  6. Improving the participation and enrollment of families and youth in the overall educational ministry program;
  7. Providing opportunities for children and youth to participate in the life of the congregation;
  8. Overseeing the Catechism program of the congregation;
  9. Establishing short and long range goals for the Family and Youth Educational Ministry and develop annual budget program needs for learning resources, library books, audiovisual materials, crafts, and other general supplies necessary for program objective achievement; and
  10. Recruitment of committee members as may be needed.