Property Committee

A Property Committee shall be appointed by the Congregation Council. Its purpose is to insure that the property of the congregation is adequately maintained, improved, and protected. Its membership will be comprised of a minimum of 3 and not more than 9 persons, one of which will be a member of the Congregation Council.

The Property Committee is assigned the responsibilities for:

  1. Seeing that the building is in good repair;
  2. Seeing that the grounds are well maintained;
  3. Seeing that the congregation property is adequately insured for replacement value and liability;
  4. Seeing that the sexton position is filled and properly supervised;
  5. Seeing that repairs are taken care of quickly by qualified persons. Emergency repairs are to be taken care of quickly without adherence to cost limitations and without waiting for council approval and an after action report will be made to council;
  6. Seeing that bids are obtained for work to be performed and make recommendations to council;
  7. Seeing that an inventory of all congregation property is maintained to reflect for each item as a minimum its description, location, quantity, and unit replacement value;
  8. Establishing short and long range objectives for the congregation property program and development of an annual budget program needs for program objective achievement; and
  9. Recruitment of committee members as may be needed.