Worship and Music Committee

The Worship & Music Committee is assigned responsibilities for:

  1. Providing for celebration of Holy Communion;
  2. Increasing the congregation’s understanding of the liturgy and participating in worship;
  3. Involving laypersons in worship participation;
  4. Providing joint worship services with other congregations;
  5. Improving the physical setting for public worship;
  6. Revising weekly services schedules;
  7. Encouraging and providing resources for personal and family devotions;
  8. Establishing a choir and other singing groups;
  9. Providing opportunities for worship on special occasions;
  10. Establishing short and long range objectives for the worship and music programs and developing annual budget program needs for program objective achievement;
  11. Developing ways to help visitors and new members feel a part of the congregation worship and community life; and
  12. Recruitment of committee members as may be needed.