Finance Committee

Purpose Statement: The purpose of the Family & Youth Committee is to engage the entire congregation in meaningful relationships and growth in faith through all stages of life.

Meeting Time: 3rd Monday at 6:30 pm

What We Do: The Finance Committee is made up of the Church Treasurer, Financial Secretary, and other members who have an interest in keeping St Luke fiscally sound. The Financial Secretary is responsible for collecting, counting, and depositing all monies that come to the Church (income) while the Treasurer pays the salaries, bills, and related items (outgo). The church’s annual “income and outgo” helps establish a Spending Plan (Budget). The Committee meets monthly to evaluate how we are doing, make any adjustments they deem necessary, consider special requests or projects, and make recommendations to the Congregation Council on financial issues.

Committee Head: Donna Hocker; [email protected]

Committee Liaison to the Council: Jodi Forrester; [email protected]