Book Discussion – Jesus’ Plan for a New World

The Rohrian Book Group  –  Oct 9th.  9:00 am

Jesus’ Plan For A New World
The Sermon on the Mount


 THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT may be as misunderstood as it is well known.  A very interesting and challenging interpretation of the sermon will be under discussion on Tuesday mornings beginning October 9. That’s when we begin our study of Jesus’ Plan for a New World, a short but thought-provoking book by Richard Rohr. Rohr, a prolific writer and thoughtful Christian scholar brings an entirely new approach to Jesus’ sermon that offers a rich new dimension to the reader.

There is always room at the table for more participants!  You are invited to join us, the “Rohrian Book Group” as we meet on Tuesday mornings from 9:00 am – 10:15 am beginning October 9th and continuing weekly until we’re finished with the book.

Anyone interested can order the book from Amazon (Jesus’ Plan for a New World: publisher, Franciscan Media; author, Richard Rohr).