DIAPERS – or Pregnancy Ministries, Inc.

DIAPERS are a vital part of the services and programs of *Pregnancy Ministries, Inc. (PMI).  PMI *Centers provide a wide variety of programs and services for pregnant women, and support for Dads-to-be; most are free of charge.  Through participation in educational programs, mothers and families can earn “Baby Bucks” which they can use to “purchase” needed supplies for their babies.  Diapers are very much in demand.  Currently PMI especially needs *size 5 & 6 diapers*.

Over the years St. Luke has really stepped up to help these folks thanks to the energy and dedication to this ministry by Bob Losee.  Therefore, Social Ministry is dedicating this current appeal to Bob’s memory.

For more information visit the Pregnancy Ministries website at:

Collecting Diapers for Pregnancy Ministries, Inc. (PMI) is one of four projects being lifted up for your consideration during Pentecost, which continues thru November 30.

*Place your diapers in the designated containers located by the keypad door.*