God’s Garden – Update – July 31st, 2018


Last Thursday I made a trip to the Garden and I was pleasantly surprised to see many red tomatoes hanging on the plants. I walked around the fence picking and watched my box start to fill. I placed the box within reach, climbed over the fence and walked between the plants picking as I went. In the end I had collected some 50 tomatoes. I was also able to pick 2 cucumbers, 6 green peppers and a bunch of string beans. A great day.


On Friday I made a trip to The Salvation Army kitchen and delivered what I had picked on Thursday along with some squash, peppers and cucumbers from my own garden and from Donna Hocker’s garden.


Now is the time for all good gardening members of St. Luke to come bearing their surplus vegetables to help feed those families in need. There is a collection box in the back hallway. I will look for your offerings this coming Sunday. Please be generous.


The St. Paul pantry is open the second and third Thursdays of the month and the Salvation Kitchen is open weekdays except Thursday. I will deliver whatever is brought to church. Next week my hope is to make a delivery to St. Paul.


Thanks to everyone who supports this meaningful outreach effort.