November is Kandete Parish Month at St. Luke

The Kandete Parish is part of the Konde Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. St. Luke members supported the companion synod relationship established in 1996 between the Lower Susquehanna Synod and the Konde Diocese. Several members of the Konde Diocese presented programs about their church to St. Luke. It became apparent that we could learn more about the Konde Diocese and its people by developing a relationship with one congregation. St. Luke asked to be paired with a congregation in the Konde Diocese and in 2011 the Kandete Parish became our sister congregation.
The Kandete Parish is in a very remote part of Tanzania. The people speak a Tanzanian dialect and Swahili. Communication by letter or email is difficult. Personal contact is the best way to develop a relationship. In 2017 Rich and Sadie Garner traveled to Tanzania and met the people of the Kandete Parish. This began more fruitful communication. A gift of $250 was given to the parish at the time of their visit. The money was used in helping the poorest members of the congregation. The leaders also indicated a need for a photocopier machine for doing official church business. St. Luke raised the funds needed for them to purchase a Cannon copier early in 2018.
The goal of the St. Luke Konde Team is to send another gift to the Kandete Parish to be used where they see the greatest need and to continue with our relationship building. Donations to the Kandete Parish in November will be directed towards that gift. If you choose to support this project, make your donation through your envelope, noted as Sister Congregation.