“PET CARLISLE – MOBILITY WORLDWIDE” – A “PET” is a three-wheeled, off-road wheelchair, operated by hand power, built and assembled by volunteers using materials purchased by your donations.  *PET*s are delivered at no cost to people in developing countries who have lost the use of their legs due to birth defects, polio, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, land mines, or war.

*For more information about PET and Mobility Worldwide, speak with Dick Schlenker or visit the PET Carlisle website at:

Making a donation to *PET Carlisle, *part of Mobility Worldwide, is one of four projects that is being lifted up for your consideration during Pentecost, which continues thru November 30.

Make your donation using your church envelope designating PET and the amount under “Other”.  Checks should be made payable to St. Luke.