Power Packs

Did you know?

  • At Fayetteville Elementary, 35 of the 577 students receive reduced cost lunch assistance, and 269 receive free lunches
  • At Guilford Hills Elementary, 12 of the 285 students receive reduced cost lunch assistance, and 109 receive free lunches
  • At Scotland Elementary , 18 of the 455 students receive reduced cost lunch assistance, and 170 receive free lunches
  • Overall, in the Chambersburg School District, 57.16% of students are eligible for free or reduced assistance
  • St. Luke, in collaboration with Mt. Pleasant UB, provided 85 weekend bags of food ( Power Packs) to these schools during the last school year, at an average cost of $4.50 per child per weekend
  • We will continue this ecumenical ministry at the same schools, each church  providing the bags of food on alternating months
  • Soon after school starts August 22, guidance counselors will identify eligible children , send home permission letters explaining Power Packs and naming the churches involved, then let us know the number
  • We will begin packing and delivering food around September 13.
  • St. Luke has received a $250 grant from Thrivent to get started
  • The Outreach Team thanks you for your generous support over the past 2 years , and looks forward to continuing this ministry, providing food to those students who are considered “food insecure”, unable to be sure they will have enough to eat when school is not in session
  • A list of food items to purchase is on the bulletin board in the hallway.  Checks can be made to St. Luke with Power Packs in the check line.

If you would like to volunteer to pack the food bags on Thursday or Friday mornings (depending on the school schedule and snow days), please contact Cheryl Vorhauer through the St. Luke office 717-261-1213 or [email protected]