Small Groups Ministry Summary

Thank you to all who participated in the potluck luncheon last Sunday to hear about St. Luke’s newest ministry. Small Groups have fellowship as their basis. Members of the group help each other to grow spiritually through study, discussion, and prayer. Deep relationships are fostered through meaningful conversations, lighthearted laughter, and caring about each other. Structurally, there will be 8 to 10 people per group, singles and couples. A facilitator will also serve as the host for the first meeting or 2, until the group decides about rotating homes for meetings. We will start with everyone in the groups reading Bill Hybels book Simplify, 10 Practices to Unclutter Your Soul. The facilitator for each group is a volunteer who decides the day of the week and time best suited for him or her to host a group. People who wish to participate will sign up based on their schedules to be able to attend a meeting every other week for 90 minutes. Facilitators will have a short training before we start. Prayerfully consider if you want to be a facilitator or a group member. Once the facilitators are known, those interested can sign up for a group, and we can begin. Stay tuned for more on this Christ centered ministry.
Cheryl Vorhauer, Outreach Team Member