Why Volunteer for Anything at Church?

Why Volunteer for Anything at Church?

The simple answer is that without volunteers almost everything in church comes to a shuddering halt.

Take Sunday mornings for example. The only paid positions on Sunday mornings are the Pastor, the Organist, and the Choir Director. If there were no volunteers there would be: No Altar Guild. No Greeters. No Ushers. No Lector. No Acolyte, No Crucifer. No Assisting Minister, No Communion Assistants. No Choir. No Faith Formation leaders. Did we miss anyone?

Going beyond Sunday mornings, what about all the people serving on Church Council and all of the committees and all the other volunteer activity during the week?

Are you able to be a volunteer for anything at church? Saying “been there, done that” is not a valid reason not to be more involved in the life of your church. Whatever you’ve done in the past for this church, or another church, has provided you with valuable life experience. It did not mark the end of your ability to serve God. Please help when needs arise.

St. Luke is richly blessed by the many people whose volunteer services enable our congregation to flourish. We celebrate the volunteerism that we now have and we thank God for people who contribute their time and talent to the church. But it’s not a closed group. There is always room for more and we invite and encourage you to join their ranks. Don’t wait to be asked. Who knows? You might even get to the point of considering it a great opportunity!

Jesus said, “ I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who abide in me and I in them bear much fruit, because apart from me you can do nothing.”

Thank you. The Stewardship Committee