YMCA’s Sam’s Program

Sam’s Program at the YMCA is back in session for this year.   Sam’s Program (sometimes referred to as Sam’s Club) is a program for at-risk and low-income Youth in our area.  They travel to the YMCA every Tuesday evening and have swim or gym time, chapel time, and snack time.  Each Tuesday, Sam’s Program runs from 6:30pm-8pm.  Our church has done a great job in years past of supplying the snack for the children participating in Sam’s Program.  This would be very difficult without your help.  We are asking for the congregation’s help in donations of prepackaged cookies, chips, pretzels, crackers, granola bars, rice krispie treats, fruit snacks, etc.  (Please check labels to ensure foods contain no peanuts or tree nuts and is allergy safe.)  Any of these donated items may be placed in the purple Sam’s Box near the keypad door.  If you prefer to give a monetary donation, which will help us to purchase healthy snacks once a month, drink mix , snack baggies and cups, we can only accept checks payable to the Chambersburg YMCA and give it to Cathy Goodhart.  If anyone has any questions about snacks please contact Cathy Goodhart or the church office.

If anyone is interested in donating their time by volunteering to help at Sam’s Program please contact Cathy Goodhart or Kennie Sanders.

Find out more at http://www.chbgy.org/leadership-development