God’s Garden – Update 

I had been to the Garden last Friday to do a little pruning and watering. The weekend passed and before I knew it so did Monday and Tuesday. It had been really hot for the last several days and I decided it was time to make another visit to the Garden. So, I jumped (not) into the car and headed for the church to check things out. After checking the “Watering Sign-up Sheet” and finding no names, I walked to the Garden with gloves and tools in hand. Everything looked GREEN – a good sign. I dug out some of the major weeds, trimmed some dead branches off the tomato plants, cut off the bean plant vines that had invaded the cucumbers and tomatoes and watered for about ten minutes. Later in the day when I heard the thunder and the rain began to fall, I thanked God for His help.

As I mentioned in my last report, the garden is growing very well with flowers and fruit on the tomato, cucumber, bean, and pepper plants. In fact, there are now two or three cucumbers and peppers ready for picking. Last week I had already picked three cucumbers and, along with several yellow squash from my own garden, made a trip to The Salvation Army Kitchen. Our efforts are beginning to pay off.

We still are going to need waterers for the summer months. If you plan on watering, PLEASE sign the sheet on the bulletin board.  I plan on visiting the garden once or twice each week and would like to know if watering has been or will be done. Over watering was an issue last year and if I see no names on the sheet I will not know if watering is or is not necessary. Thank you.

A reminder to all you who have home gardens – if you have surplus please bring it to church so that it can be brought to the Pantry or Salvation Kitchen. A collection box will available starting this coming Sunday and the Pantry will be open the next two Thursdays. Produce collected between Pantry deliveries will be delivered to the Salvation Kitchen.

Thanks to all who support this great out reach program. We do serve our community through your generosity.