God’s Garden – Update  6.25.2018

It was Friday and a beautiful day. The weeds were happy as they whispered to each other about their safety and how the weather was helping them to grow at a greater than normal rate. Suddenly a large shadow appeared and silence overcame the group. A brave grandma weed looked out from under a tomato plant and screamed, “She’s here”. There standing with her weeding tools in hand was SUPER WEEDER (aka Kathy Kroepil). “We’re doomed” said Larry weed. “Run” said Bob weed (Bob weed is not too smart). SUPER WEEDER went to work and three hours later all the weeds had gone to weed heaven. Thank you SUPER WEEDER for a job well done. Weeding for the rest of the summer will be done on an “As Needed” basis.


The garden is growing very well with flowers on the tomato, cucumber and pepper plants. The beans have found their way to the top of the poles. Radishes are?


Lately the weather has provided sufficient rain for the 1 inch per week goal. However, July and August are coming and waterers will be needed. I have come to realize that putting the 1 inch down with a hose is a lengthy process and one that most people would not want to do. Therefore, the plan is now to divide the week in half with someone watering Monday thru Wednesday and someone watering Thursday thru Saturday. Water requirements can then be done in about 10 minutes each time. As before, if it rains watering is not required – check the gauge. A new signup chart will be posted on the bulletin board.


Thanks to all who offer to help.