God’s Garden – Update 5.30.2018

Last Saturday was another great day and I decided to check God’s Garden to see how things were going. Everything that we had planted seemed to be growing as expected including Reece’s bean seeds (Great job Reece!). I pulled a few weeds, did some watering then stepped back and gave thanks. Now, as I mentioned in my last update, maintenance activities, weeding and watering, must begin. The promised sign-up sheet is now posted on the bulletin board for all who wish to provide these services starting the first week in June and throughout the summer months.
For those who do not have experience in weeding and would still like to help, onsite training could be provided, by the world-famous weedologist, Dr. I. M. Weeder, on the proper techniques for using a shovel or hoe to extract and dispose of the most difficult weeds. Please let me know if you would like the training and if enough interest is shown I will attempt to setup a training session when the Doctor returns from his trip to the 2018 International Weeding Conference in Austria.
The rain gauge is in place. Remember – about 1 inch per week of water is all that is needed. Preferred watering time is at the end of the week – check the gauge before watering.
Let the fun begin!