What is a P.E.T.?

On Sunday, June 10th, there will be a PET on display in the Gathering Area of the church.
The Social Ministry committee has designated the month of June to support this project through prayer, awareness and contributions. Dick Schlenker will be available after the worship service to tell you about this project and answer your questions. Contributions may be made with your regular offerings. Be sure to mark your envelope with the amount for “PET”

Below, is the article as it appeared in the Newsletter.




Mobility Worldwide
Formerly the PET Project
A recap of the activities up to the current year shows that 500 carts were built, boxed and shipped to places like Sierra Leone, Kenya, Tanzania, and Togo with the help of many volunteers and donations. Others were sent to Brothers Brother in Pittsburg who sends them to foreign countries. Many were sent to World Vision and Global Aid.

The Riderwood Association of woodcrafters display carts as well as cut wood and send volunteers to the workshop on a monthly basis. The Mobility Worldwide cart is a sturdy three-wheeled chain driven vehicle easily used by a man, woman or child who is mobility impaired. Built by non-profit, volunteer, and faith based organizations, Mobility Worldwide carts are delivered at no cost to people in developing countries who have lost use of their legs due to birth defects, polio, diabetes, spinal cord injury, landmines, or war. This has enabled an improved quality of life at work, school and home. More than 60,000 have been distributed in over 100 countries since the organization began in 1994.

Locally, the Social committee has supported with donations and is now designated the month of June for donations by St Luke Lutheran church. Watch for a display in the gathering area.

A big THANK YOU for Forrester’s body shop for spray painting 14 blue metal parts. Many were previously painted yellow and green. Other volunteers were Pastor Frye, Tom Eifert, and Terry Messer. Warren Hoffeditz has built many wooden chassis as well as Larry Lawery at Penn Hall. Alan Johnson from Penn National also volunteers and builds MU carts.

For more information see https://petcarlisleinc.org/ or call Dick Schlenker 717-401-0347.